Integra for Groups

Group of College Girls in a CircleKey features

Member database

Member directory


Attendance tracking

Music learning centre

Music and photo storage and copyright tracking.

Discussion groups with optional emails

Members subs/dues, payments

Concert and event planning

Questionnaires for collecting information from members

5gb file storage and image library – additional gb available at additional cost

Productivity: task management, meetings, shared bookmarks

Member shop (under development)

The Copyright Store (under development)

More detail about the features

Member database

Members have their own user account and are encouraged to enter their own contatc details, photo and keep them up to date.  They can manage their own account, for example resetting their password or changing their contact details

Group Administrators have full access to all member data, and can enter additional information about members, such as their start date, membership category, section and committee memberships.

Member directory

The member directory allows all members to view the other members of the group.  They can view the whole group, a section, a committee, a team or search by name.

Details listed include name, photo, section and contact information.

Members can choose which of their contact information they make available on the member directory.


The calendar can be used for all official group events, for example rehearsals, performances meetings and social events.  This can include recurring events.

Events can be for the whole group, or a subgroup such as a section or committee.

Members can sync the group calendar with their own compatible calendar, such as Google Calendar or Outlook.

Events link to “location” records in Integra, so you only need to enter the address, directions, map links etc. once, not for each event.

Attendance tracking

Members can enter their planned attendance in advance, so organisers know who to expect.

During the event, organisers can record actual attendance.  This is useful if the group has an attendance policy.  This may be done by section leaders for example, using a mobile phone to access a dedicated page on the web site.

Administrators can view summary reports of attendance over a given period.

Discussion groups

Create discussion groups / forums for members to exchange messages.  These may include for example an official group announcement, section chat, and social matters.

Members can view messages online in Integra, and can also choose to have messages emailed to them.  They can post messages online or by email.

Administrators creating groups can choose who has access to the group, who can post messages, and configure how the group behaves.

Music learning centre

This builds on Integra’s file storage to store for example sheet music and rehearsal tracks.

Multiple files can be associated with one song, and a set of songs can be associated with a performance.  This makes management easier.  Files can also be tagged against sections to allow members to easily find the files they need.

Music, Photo, Image storage and copyright tracking

Keep track of the groups assets, including purchased music, equipment and images.

Record details such as permitted usage dates and quantities.

Membership fees

Keep track of membership fees owed and paid.

Assign members to a membership category that specifies how much they pay each month.

Members can pay online using Integra’s PayPal integration.  Administrators can also enter details of other payments made by cash, cheque or direct debit for example.

The ​Copyright Store​©

A standalone service, an automated application process will be fully automated through Integra ​for ​Groups​. Clients of Integra ​for ​Groups will receive discounted rates when making use of The ​Copyright Store, will be ready in 2018. We undertake a music copyright application services now.


Configure items for sale and take payments.  Use this for example to sell your members group t-shirts, or to take money for trips.

Concert, Event, Activity or Tournament Planning

Your event can be a single performance / event, a series of performances / event a complex festival, a sports tournament, a conference, a seminar, a retreat or a meeting, they are all dealt with in the same way. Bringing together the information in your contacts, people, venues, places or organisations to link with your event. If you update any record from anywhere, at any time, that update is available to your whole system. So your event information is always up to date.

Event scheduling

Detailed programming

Assign performers / players / people to each event.

View all locations and times at-a-glance using the daily planner.

You can plan behind the scenes preparation such as dressing room allocations.

A live system keeps information updated

All feeds into the Integra App


Planning and organising your activity or event online remotely from anywhere is easy with multiple users and organisers or a single organiser. The Productivity modules allow you to meet your organisational, managerial and reporting functions:

Productivity Tasks: create, plan, allocate, input deadlines for user and supervisor viewing, with auto reminders, key dates facility and ability to upload and link files and share documents

Links: categorise and share all your links in one place for suppliers, venues, clients etc.

Meetings: plan, organise your meetings, upload and link files and share documents for remote or on-site working for staff and volunteers

File storage, linking documents for easy searching.

Security, development standard and transfer of data

Data is backed up and securely stored in Europe.

Integra is developed and maintained to stringent modern industry standards.

We will aim to work with our partner groups to export data from their existing provider and to import data into the system. We cannot guarantee this as is dependent on your current provider.

Pricing structure

For partner groups that will work with us to help us develop the system we will guarantee to charge 50% of your current provider, with the pricing held for at least 2 years from product launch.

In return, we ask groups and their users to provide feedback on their user experience and groups will work with us to develop the best system.

The next step

Integra for Groups was launched in 2017 and we are working with a number of group partners, if you would like to meet or talk to agree on the terms and sign an annual agreement with a 4 year price plan, please get in touch today:  martin [at] integraplanner [dot] com“>Martin Brophy

Benefits for the organisation

Organise one or more activities of varying sizes

Common database for all the groups activity

Single integrated system

Online so it is ideal for diversely located teams or for working on site

Capture information directly from all system users

Organisers can view / download personalised reports

Data export for marketing, box office, sales, brochure, mailshots

Secure database across all platforms with European back-up

Ease of use for organisers for repeat activities or events

Manage, subscriptions, donors, staff and volunteers, as well as stock and equipment

Improve productivity with task management, meeting organisation, central links and file storage

Benefits for the members, participants or attendees

Individual account to access and edit at will

Online registration and payment if needed

Visible confirmation your details are in the system

Access to activity details and personalised timetable, online and on smartphones

View and download information sheets and individualised attendee briefings

Ease of use for repeat activities and events

One site, one log-in for everything


Recent Posts

Our Integra Journey

Chris and Martin started Integra in 2005/6 as we began the planning for Various Voices London 2009. We needed a system that would enable us to plan and organise Team London, which provided detailed planning capability for the concerts, social events, workshops, seminars and major performances. Chris brought all his passion and 20 years professional expertise as a programmer together with stage management experience, to create just what we needed. The ‘Online Planner’ could register choirs and link them to a performance slot or activity, as well as the facilitators, conductors, musicians, comperes and hosts. The registration facility allowed individual participants to register and pay, completing online tailor made questionnaires with information to assist us to plan, organise and deliver the festival. Productivity functions enabled team planning and task management. Everyone in the right place at the right time, efficiently and effectively organise by Online Planner and Team London.

The systems key feature is that it can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Users create their own data, this reduces mistakes and makes the best use of time and resources. All system users see and use the most current data, to pull off reports, filter data and efficiently collect and provide data for the technical team ‘production book’, and any marketing needs. Our Festival philosophy is to dismantle the barriers to inclusion, enabling participants to build and create their own festival experience, a “pick and mix” approach, paying only for want they want and offering exciting opportunities to share, eat, drink and enjoy, free and other ancillary events to experience your own complete and exciting accessible festival.

They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and the Southbank Centre the largest arts complex in Europe adopted our template, creating festivals that became the cornerstone of its artistic vision.

Martin ran his successful event and catering business for 30 years, was as Chair of the London Gay Men’s Chorus and Festival Director for London Various Voices. This experience led onto working with Legato and with Gala Choruses helping to shape and develop their signature events, leading the organisation as President into Festival year 2016. Various Voices morphed into the Charity Fruitvox and has continued to create, coordinate, collaborate and facilitate on LGBTI choirs and music internationally. Martin was award an MBE (Order of the British Empire) by the Queen in 2013 for contribution to music and LGBT Community.

Martin and Chris formally incorporated Integra Planner in 2013. We have continued to develop new functionality, redevelop and rejuvenate older technology, design systems that are more intuitive and create the Integra Planner Schedule App. Our aim to enable our clients to delivery exciting and artistically brilliant festivals offering our expert advice and support through Integra Planner to delivery fantastic festival experiences to you.

Integra Planner works for festivals, conferences and organisations, we would enjoy showing you around Integra Planner, just ask us, no on-going commitment, no hard sell (well some sell), just an honest look at us and our how we can help you. Use our 40 years of experience in event planning, computer system creation and motivating and organising organisations to help and support you – “organising the organisers”

We support the LGBTI community worldwide by sponsoring many of the events we work with and by providing Integra Planner for events and festivals we feel committed to. Our clients mostly identify as LGBTI or allies but not exclusively. We strive to be the best we can and work to improve our accessibility, functionality and to include our intuitive approach in all we do, to deliver effective, efficient and exciting experiences for all our clients and users.