We can make taking payments an easy and simple to set up. We have worked with a number of providers but PayPal is our payment provider of choice and with 26 million accounts in the UK and over 230 million worldwide, PayPal is a popular payment method amongst millions of online shoppers and one of the global leaders in online payments.

PaymentPayPal has different payment solutions to suit your business’ needs and size

Customers don’t even need a PayPal account to pay you

PayPal enables you to accept 25 currencies and trade in 190 markets

PayPal’s Seller Protection policy can protect you against claims, chargebacks and reversals on all eligible transactions

Website Payments Pro allows you to process all your payments easily and affordably with this all-inclusive solution that enables

you can accept debit and credit card payments directly on your website, over the phone, by fax and by mail order.

PayPal Express Checkout

Allows you to add the familiar PayPal button to your site – a magnet for the millions of online customers who prefer to pay with PayPal. And because Express Checkout offers a simple three-click process, more customers complete the sale.

With Express Checkout you can boost your sales by up to 14%* and increase checkout conversion

Start taking payments quickly allows customers to check out in just 3 clicks

* Based on a Q1 2008 SME Survey conducted by NorthStar Rresearch on behalf of PayPal

PayPal Website Payments Pro  

Control your checkout from start to finish, you can customise the payment page so that it looks as if customers never leave your site, allowing you to create a seamless payment experience

Have one account for everything: there’s no need to maintain separate relationships with banks, gateways or credit card companies

Get all the benefits of Express Checkout which can increase sales by up to 14%*

Benefit from an additional layer of security with 3-D Secure

* Based on a Q1 2008 SME Survey conducted by NorthStar Researchon behalf of PayPal.

To learn more about PayPal visit the PayPal website

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