Event registration

Event registration

Integra Online Planner System allows you to sell items, registrations, merchandise or book an event or conference and can be integrated payment providers like PayPal. The key features of event registration are:

All system usRegistrationers register, enter & edit their own details

User automated password reset

Individuals can register online, either as part of an organisation or as an individual, supplying pre-defined information such as: contact details; what parts of the event or festival they’re interested in; any access needs; do they want any merchandising e.g. t-shirt, what size, programme etc.


Take registration payment using PayPal

Registered users can log on any time up to the end of the event or festival while the system is active to update their own details, to supply further information, view their choir’s calendar, download schedules etc.

Give feedback or to critique an event or activity

Registration for Organisations

As part of the registration facility it may be that you want to register organisations or companies and this could include a fee that integrates with the payment provider like Pay Pal, just like a shopping cart.
Registering organisations enables:

Organisation administrators register their organisation, capture and update contact details

capture organisational details, such as for choirs voice parts, size of organisations, size, the number of members expected to attend etc.

survey the organisation about what optional parts of the event or festival they’re interested in

take registration payment using PayPal

After registration, organisation administrators can log on  subsequently to

review who has registered from their organisation

download a range of reports into excel

supply further information such as programme details


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