Your event can be a single performance, a series of performances, a complex festival, a conference, a seminar or a meeting, they are all dealt with in the same way. Bringing together the information in your contacts, people, venues, places or organisations to link with your event. If you update any record from anywhere , at anytime, that update is available to your whole system. So your event information is always up to date.

Event scheduling


24 hour planner to schedule a wide range of events in various venues and locations.

View events in a calendar view by month, week or day.

Colour-code event categories.

Detailed programming


One click and you can access the file with all the data relating each entry.

Enter marketing information for public events, including box office information.

Embed information on your public web site.

Add people, groups, organisations


Assign performers to each event.

Multiple performers can each be given their own time slot.

Event details or whose registered information direct to your event website.

Add venues, locations, places


View all locations and times at-a-glance using the daily planner.

You can plan back-stage preparation such as dressing room allocations.

A live system keeps information updated.

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