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Group of College Girls in a Circle

  • Key features


  • Benefits for organisers 


  • Benefits for  participants


Key Features


Example usage

Contact database

Chorus membership roster / contact list, including photos, job titles etc

Track related people and organisations: e.g. suppliers, associations, donors, friends, other choirs and bands

Track venue details


Meeting calendar: store agendas and minutes

Task list: assign tasks to chorus members etc


Performance calendar

Running order for performances

Rehearsal calendar.  Rehearsals can be linked to performances.

Performances and rehearsals can be linked to e.g. small groups, joint choirs

Performance signup, rehearsal attendance (planned functionality)

Social event calendar

Can sync these to external calendar


Tag members by section, committee membership, ensemble membership etc


Membership dues (if not by direct debit)


Shop, ticket sales (limited functionality currently, more planned)

Event registration, e.g. for retreats

Use PayPal for payment, or at least to record payments in a central place and link to chorus members, if paid by Standing Order for example


Surveys / polls of chorus membership, for example about repertoire or retreats, workshop feedback

File storage

Sheet music archive

Rehearsal tracks archive

Marketing collateral for performances etc

Smartphone web app

Offline browsable calendar of performances and rehearsals


(Beta testing)

Track equipment the chorus owns, where it’s kept, who’s responsible for it.  Attach instruction manuals, insurance and warranty details etc.

Plan equipment requirements for performances or rehearsals.

What we don’t plan to include

The following are, we think, better handled by existing specialist external systems

Social content

Facebook, Twitter

Internal mailing lists, forums

Google groups, Yahoo groups, Facebook groups

Photo archives


Video archives


External mailing lists

Dedicated mailshot systems, although we may consider bringing in house.

Website creation and management

Plan to work with associate companies

Benefits for the organiser

  • Organise one or more activities of varying sizes
  • Common database for all activity
  • Single integrated system
  • Online, ideal for distributed teams or for working on site
  • Capture information directly from all system users
  • Organisers can view / download personalised reports
  • Data export for marketing, box office, brochure, mailshots
  • Secure database across all platforms with back-up
  • Ease of use for organisers for repeat activities or events
  • Manage, subscriptions, donors, staff and volunteers, as well as stock and equipment
  • Improve productivity with task management, meeting organisation, central links and file storage

Benefits for the participants

  • Individual account to access and edit at will
  • Online registration and payment if needed
  • Visible confirmation your details are in the system
  • Access to activity details and personalised timetable, online and on smartphones
  • View and download information sheets and individualised attendee briefings
  • Ease of use for repeat activities and events
  • One site, one log-in for everything


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